Welcome, my name is Charles Jenkins.

As a child, I was obsessed with great magazines and scholarly articles about the exploits of explorers and scientists. Going beyond the boundaries of their own world and venturing forth into strange and exciting environments. Publications like The National Geographic Society and Smithsonian ensnared my interests. My family was also very prone to taking vacations across country. We've had our fair share of "Grizzwold moments", like monumental car trouble in the middle of the Navajo Reservation or having my uncle jump off a paddle board onto a long-spines sea urchin.


As a college student, I studied in Southwestern Colorado, where I was able to freely explore the American Southwest and the Four Corners. I've been to the various national lands of the Grand Canyon more times than I can possibly count, and the numerous Puebloan ruin parks equally so. During college I volunteered as a Archaeological site excavator and also as a paleontological site excavator. This is because I studied Geoscience and Anthropology. I later created my own degree at a larger university in Texas, to cover my extensive education.


Over the last several years I've been fortunate to be able to broaden my horizons. Having traveled well outside of the United States and into uncharted waters. I've frequently traveled to Hawaii and other tropical areas to continually visit my favorite diving hotspots and volcanoes. As a skilled diver, I am able to reach reefs that may be too difficult for other visitors. I also hope to draw attention to the mass coral extinction occurring on a global scale. 


Japan has also been of particular intrigue to me; I was specifically drawn to the beautiful landscapes of the mountains in central Honshu. One of the most beautiful places I've been will always be Kamikochi valley in Niigata province. I was once asked what exactly draws me to mountains in Japan versus mountains in the US; Mountains in my part of America are dry and very rocky. In Colorado there are maybe 3 species of trees and in Texas even fewer. By fewer, I mean no trees, Texas' Guadalupe mountains are fairly barren. However, in short, the difference in foliage and the colors as the trees turn in fall are spectacular. With those colors cast upon the active volcanic landscape, Japan almost appears surreal.

Lilitofu Microblog

Some of you may notice that I no longer have a blog accessible via this web service. That is because I am now specifically blogging using the new application and website called "Lilitofu". Lilitofu, or Live Life to the Fullest is a new web platform for travel bloggers to post their photographs and iteneraries. So that other enthusiasts can build their own adventure off of your experiences. 


You can find my profile and articles at this location.


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